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Award-winning author Angela Carter is widely viewed as one of the great modern English writers. Known for her use of magic realism and picaresque prose, Carter’s writing style reflected the world around her, capturing 1960s counterculture and second wave feminism.

The timeline below, created from The Invention of Angela Carter: A Biography, highlights key moments from Carter’s life and career, from her personal life, to her monumental time spent living in Tokyo, to her professional achievements. Carter’s lead a life filled with intensity and turmoil, all the while pioneering literary genres and becoming a feminist icon.

Featured image provided by the estate of Angela Carter. Please do not re-use without permission.

Edmund Gordon studied philosophy at Trinity College Dublin and English literature at University College London, and since 2011 has been a lecturer in English at King’s College London. A regular contributor to the Times Literary Supplement and the London Review of Books, he has also written for a variety of other publications in Britain and the US, including Bookforum and The Guardian.

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